The situation in france years after the french revolution and the respective reign of terror

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Why did the French Revolution turn against itself when the American Revolution didn't?

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In his novel, "A Tale of Two Cities", Dickens famously said of the French Revolution, "It was the best of times.

The French Revolution

It was the worst of times." This statement captures the excitement, hope, disappointment and horror of the age. The French Revolution and Napoleonic eras brought a series of major changes to France which the Bourbon restoration did not reverse.

Top 10 Revolutions Felt Around the World

First of all, France became highly. To consider the French Revolution the most studied and enhanced liberal Revolution pushes other revolutions to the background, such as the English Glorious Revolution, or the American Revolution, which were much less violent and brought peace and liberty to their respective societies.

1) Explain in a paragraph or two, what happened in France following the execution of King Louis. 2) What were the main causes of the ‘Reign of Terror’? 3) Approximately what percentage of those guillotined were nobles and clergy?

French Revolution

The term “Terror,” means the terrorism carried out by a revolutionary state, and hails back to the French Revolution; it emerged as an ideologically laden term used in the conservative backlash to that revolution during the Thermidorean reaction of the s in France, and was disseminated abroad by conservative figures like Edmund Burke.

10 month Period of Revolutionary Justice during the French Revolution where executions were high in number and people were scared of being accused with anti-revolution feelings believed to have been started with the execution of the King by Robespierre as he thought that was the only way to give birth to a new republic.

The situation in france years after the french revolution and the respective reign of terror
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