The misrepresentation of the zoot suit by the media

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Explain the Zoot Suit Riots to me?

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May 26,  · The media at the time was blaming Mexican American "Gangs" for Crime in LA which had nothing to do with the Zoot Suit Crowd although they were Mexican American they did not form "gangs". Additionally the servicemen were resentful of the Zoot Suit crowd because they were not Status: Resolved.

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Cultural appropriation

Highly prompted by the fashion industry, the Zoot Suit influenced attire became the fashion craze for young men and women, during the 30′s and The sensationalist misrepresentation of youth and gangs is a form of “yellow journalism” that still occurs today.

Zoot Suit 6. Zoot Suit Riots 7. Corridos 8. Latino/Latina 9. El Teatro.

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Cultural appropriation, at times also phrased cultural misappropriation, is the adoption of elements of a minority culture by members of the dominant culture.

[5] [2] [3] Because of the presence of power imbalances that are a byproduct of colonialism and oppression, cultural appropriation is distinct from equal cultural exchange.

The misrepresentation of the zoot suit by the media
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