Maternal stress and the effects of

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What is prenatal maternal stress (PNMS)?

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Most existing research has focused on the effects of Measures of maternal stress and emotions that are based on moth. Maternal stress as a developmental teratogen. Maternal psychological stress has essentially been conceptualized as a teratogen, that is, an agent that can generate deleterious perinatal and/or developmental outcomes.

Physiological or biological stress is an organism's response to a stressor such as an environmental condition. Stress is the body's method of reacting to a condition such as a threat, challenge or physical and psychological barrier.

Stress and pregnancy (prenatal and perinatal)

Stimuli that alter an organism's environment are responded to by multiple systems in the body. Prenatal maternal stress is associated with increased levels of cortisol in the mother.

It is believed that this molecule has a direct effect on the fetus. Moreover, because a linear relationship exists between maternal and fetal cortisol levels, relatively small increases in maternal cortisol are equivalent to relatively large increases in fetal cortisol.

Generally, stress during pregnancy has been associated with an increased risk for a number of negative outcomes in children. This topic aims to provide greater understanding of the potential effects of maternal stress on the mother, the fetus, and the child’s development.

INTRODUCTION. Fetal health is evaluated, in part, by assessment of fetal heart rate (FHR) patterns. The primary goal is to identify fetuses at risk of intrauterine death or neonatal complications and intervene (often by delivery) to prevent these adverse outcomes, if possible.

Maternal stress and the effects of
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