An analysis of the theme in cometh up as a flower and the woman in white

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Visual Analysis of In The Garden by Pierre Auguste Renoir

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Nell LeStrange, the heroine, is tricked by her calculating sister into leaving her poor lover and marrying a wealthy man she does not love. May 11,  · This “silent, dull retreat” (Honeysuckle, 2) is describing the environment in which the flower is growing up.

As the first stanza continues we get more and more information about the environment of the flower as well. A woman wearing one of the “RIP Khalil” t-shirt and exhibiting an air of authority directs people to their seats. Starr feels like a “phony” when her family is seated in the front row of the church, a place of honor for Khalil ’s friends.

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White can brighten up a garden and is a good choice for dark areas of a landscape. “Moon gardens” consist of all white flowering plants. This type of garden gives the illusion of glowing in the moonlight, making them a good choice for areas you spend time in during the evening.

The first blossom shows up with Harriet, when she gets on the train. She had dropped a flower. Roy thought it was a gardenia but it turned out to be a white rose she had worn pinned to her dress. () A gardenia can mean secret love, and a white rose can symbolize innocence.

All About the Color WHITE An analysis of the theme in cometh up as a flower and the woman in white
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