A brief summary and an analysis of the long awaited chnage in the chinese currency the yuan

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Bitcoin price analysis - Retarget

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China Takes A Big Step Forward

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Something big is afoot in Shanghai — the Chinese have suddenly changed the game. Posted on March 20, by David Robinson with the launch of the long awaited Global Currency RESET to come next.

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Chinese Yuan Already Rising on Report of Revaluation

August ; July ; June ; May. Jun 26,  · To investors with a long memory, this may sound uncomfortably familiar. The last big yuan selloff, beginning in mid, was heralded by a historic stock-market collapse, a rash of corporate bond defaults and Chinese monetary easing. China’s currency will probably come under further pressure.

What the petro-yuan may be able to provoke in the short term is an acceleration of the next crises in treasuries and bond markets, which will inevitably spill out in the form of a crisis in global currency.

Japan and the U.S.

China's Forex Reserves Slip to 7-Month Low of $111 Trillion

took action on June 17, a day after the yen plunged to a then eight-year low of to the dollar, because a weaker yen could prompt China to devalue its currency, the yuan, to keep its exports competitive.

A brief summary and an analysis of the long awaited chnage in the chinese currency the yuan
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